Desi Wedding Hacks!

Its that time of the year when invites pop up from every corner of the country for our amazing desi weddings! Some of the beautiful people are going to start a new chapter of their lives while other beautiful people are on a roll to make the weddings work amazing for the new couple. No matter where in the world you go, our desi weddings are without a doubt, the best ones. As much fun as it is during the wedding days, the preparations are double the effort and stress. For no reason at all, you have to think about what your phupho k chacha ki beti thinks about the wedding invites or anything at all for that matter, for the added stress 😂. But Hey! Its your wedding and gotta enjoy it as much as possible and care about what people say as less as possible.

Here are some desi wedding hacks that might help you organize the wedding chores and make out the most time for yourself and your family. 🙂

  • Clothes are probably the biggest part of the wedding preparations, not only the bride/groom’s clothes but for the whole family. So, START AS EARLY AS YOU CAN.  A huge plus to starting early is that the markets aren’t crazy crowded (this is extremely important if you are thinking of shopping from Liberty, Lahore). If you are a person like me who likes to shop in peace and doesn’t like crazy crowd and of course if you like to bargain (just like I do) than the best time to start with your clothes is summers. I know you might be thinking about weather, but the start of summers is still a better weather and with less crowd its even better and since its not humid that’s a bonus. So, all in all, starting early with clothes saves time, money, energy and gets your work done way before the wedding season. Visit the markets when its not a peak time, since the shopkeepers really listen to you at that time. The morning time when the market opens until before evening is the best time to visit markets. Survey, bargain, order/buy!
  • To start off with, its pretty hard to decide where to get your bridal dress made from.(don’t start off with getting your bridal dress made) For an economical budget, I suggest you to take a nice survey around the market, get a few formal dresses made first and then may be order your bridal dress. ITS REALLY IMPORTANT TO SURVEY. You might like one dress a lot, but then you go around and then you like another one even more. Remember, there shouldn’t be any regrets. Also the prices vary a lot, depending on someone giving you a nice bargain, or someone else telling you that his design is a copy of a famous designer so he cant really give you a bargain. If you really like a design on internet, and you choose someone to make that design for you, please first get a not so expensive dress made by giving a design from internet, to see how good they can imitate the design. You wouldn’t want to waste a big amount of money like that.
  • Show some trust on the shopkeeper. If you are a layman in the clothes department, you need to trust your shopkeeper, this is important because they are in the business and they know their work, and you can of course judge the work that they have displayed in the shop. This also doesn’t mean that you need to keep yourself from saying your heart, if you have an idea, which you think works well, then go ahead with it.
  • Since we talked about clothes and shopping, you WILL be hungry as you are done for the day. And if you had been shopping in the dupatta gali of liberty Lahore, don’t forget to eat the mouth watering CHANA CHAAT as you exit the alleys of the dupatta gali. 😋 That was our must take during the liberty market visit each time.
  • Now that we are covered with bride’s clothes mostly, lets move on to the part without which our dresses look incomplete, the jewelry. If you are a traditional jewelry lover like me and would like sound and bearable prices, please take out some time and visit Shahalmi market. Because lets be honest, not everyone can afford to get those kind of things in gold and of course if you can get more in less price, that’s definitely the best thing. While you are strolling your way through dupatta gali, you will find numerous jewelry shops and you will fall in love with every single piece. But the prices there would be sky high and they don’t even give a great bargain unless you are really lucky. To your surprise, there is a whole market of artificial jewelry in Shahalmi and you can find all kinds of jewelry there for all price ranges.
  • Be in charge! Chores that involve you, should be taken care of and managed by you. Give ideas and have discussions with your family and your spouse to be. Make a list of wedding chores and prioritize them. 44259723_293366211483743_4902963295918489600_nAssign duties to your family members, since everyone is busy in their everyday lives and its hard to find time for these really important things. Once your wedding dates are decided, get started with your wedding invites. In my case, I designed my wedding invites myself, and then discussed it with family about the technical stuff.  But get that thing out of your list as soon as possible, since this process takes a long time until distribution.
  • Decide your themes, if any! Themes do look great. For my own mehndi, I opted for gharara for the girls and white shalwar kameez with waist coat for the guys. Simple and easy to follow. Looked great as well. Themes do go in décor, and these days wedding décor are really worked on. A lot effort and money goes into how the wedding is going to look. You can get amazing ideas on internet, for the stage décor and for the general ambiance and setting of the wedding place. Discuss the ideas with your vendor and you are good to go.
  • Okay, now that we have talked about clothes and jewelry, lets talk MAKEUP. This one is hard to decide on. Most people (just like myself) haven’t ever got a makeover done from a salon before the wedding day. But we all well know about makeup and stuff from Instagram and internet in general. We all have a certain idea of what looks good on us and what doesn’t. But our wedding day is a big day, and we don’t want to risk anything for that day. So we all try our best and do a good research online about the trending makeup artists and salons. Some of my favorites in Lahore and the ones I follow as well are Uzma’s Salon (a bit expensive), Hifsa Khan Salon (quite an economical one depending on what package you choose), Mariam Khawaja (ofcourse, if you want to level up the makeup game), Natasha salon (idk if she operates in Lahore since she is based in Karachi). There are a lot more on the list. But before you book with anyone, give a visit to few salons and put forward your enquiries. Go through their look book and then decide according to what you require for your look. Which ever makeup artist you book, do have an idea about the kind of makeup and hairdo you want and discuss it with your makeup artist, as it also helps them to figure out your specific requirements. I booked with Hifsa Khan salon and got a senior artist package. I was in love with my barat look.
  • Just like salons, there are tons of photographers everywhere and its honestly hard to choose from. The list is long but your choice depends on what you want from your photos, a glamourous shoot or one that’s more artsy and really shows the bond that the couple shares. The choice also depends on how much you want to invest in it monetarily. These are one of the best memories you will ever have as a couple, so whoever you choose as your photographer, just have fun through the shoot and it will show in your photos. A few that I like a lot include, The videographers, The wedding stories Lahore, Ali Chaudhry Films and Palwasha Minhas. I might be missing a lot of them atm. Because there are too many that I love.

That’s about it for now I guess. Cant think of anything else atm, since its soon going to be almost a year since my own wedding. But feel free to write to me about any wedding related help. ❤  Its my first blog, show me some love. 🤗

Much love,


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  1. Awesome girl!!! a very nice initiative… much needed…. and hope that someone will get benefit from your suggestions.
    You must focus in some writings on those who are working women/students and have a busy schedule(means no time to visit / difficulty in taking time out to visit markets) even for their own weddings…. it will be a great help.
    some fashion advice in terms of clothes material currently in market for people like me who visit market once in a blue moon.

    Cheers and best of luck for this effort.



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