I am Chashma and I don’t exactly know what to write about here but lets see how it goes anyways. At this point, I am more than glad that you are still reading this! :’)

Since, you have read this far I assume you might want to know about me a bit?! So, you already know me by name. I am 26 atm and I have been happily but not completely married (will explain this another time) for almost 10 months now. Just like alot other people, I have little things that I wish for too. One of those things was (ironically) starting a blog. Idk probably because I was inspired by other bloggers or may be it was just one of those ‘nice’ things trending on internet these days. I might just explore what it means to me while I am at it.

So mostly this blog is going to be about me and my husband, our everyday life, our travels, our love for food and family and our long distance marriage. I hope for this to turn out to be helpful for us and for you guys.

Much love,


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