Food Review – Urban Kitchen, Lahore

Hello beautiful people!!
I had been away for quite some while now but let me say, its good to be back. 🙂 And you would be glad to know that FOOD is what brought me back. So, lets talk food today!

This post is about my most recent visit to a most awaited restaurant ‘Urban Kitchen’ in Lahore. I would be honest that I wanted to keep it for when my husband comes to Pakistan and we have this very special and hyped place to go for a lovely evening. But just last day I was out with my friends and all my temptation ended up suggesting Urban Kitchen.

It was raining crazy in Lahore that day and we had to rush to the entrance door which kind of killed the experience that I had in my mind; nevertheless, the entrance lobby and the stair hall were interesting enough to cover up for the experience part. The interior was minimal and created a good ambiance overall.

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urban-kitchen-lahore.jpgPhoto courtesy:

As soon as we were seated, we were provided with the menu cards. The staff seemed to be quite nice and the service was pretty active.

For appetizers, we ordered Picante Poppers (Jalapeno cream cheese wrapped in a layer of chicken breast breaded with bread crumbs) and Put a Ring on it (Onion rings). Both appetizers were really amazing but the only thing that bothered me was the quantity. The portion was too small for the money charged. There were literally 6 pieces on each appetizer.


Picante Poppers: 525 pkr.    Onion Rings: 275 pkr       (Exclusive of tax)

For the main course, all three of us tried to order different things. Since I knew the place from earlier after the crazy social media hype and had seen pictures of its food (especially the mac n cheese), so I had a pre-decided order with a confusion between Ultimate mac n cheese and the Ultimate mac n cheese with beef bacon and I ended up ordering the latter one. One friend of mine ordered Chicken Parmesan (served with pasta in marinara sauce) and the other ordered From Philly with Love (Philly cheese steak sandwich smothered in grilled onions and mushrooms, served with French fries and coleslaw).



Sorry, I don’t have a picture for the Philly cheese steak sandwich.

The mac n cheese looked great. The portion looked quite satisfying. The Chicken Parmesan looked quite average, but the portion looked fine. The Philly cheese steak sandwich looked quite nice and the portion was quite generous since it also had a side.
Out of all, the sandwich really stood out for me. Mac n cheese was good but half way through I was quite done and kinda regretted choosing the one with beef bacon. However, Chicken Parmesan was a disappointment. Also, for the two things other than the sandwich, I felt that the food didn’t have value for money. It was quite expensive for not being unique and taste also wasn’t out of the world.
Ultimate mac n cheese with beef bacon: 925 pkr.
Chicken Parmesan: 980 pkr.
From Philly with Love: 580 pkr.
(Exclusive of tax)

We didn’t have enough left to waste. lol. jokes apart. It was actually pretty expensive. So, we headed out to eat PARADISE cone ice-cream in liberty market. Its the best. 

All in all, the restaurant was good but after all the hype and everything, it didn’t meet the expectations. Not because it was expensive but because it wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. I hope it helps!
Until next time!

Much love,


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